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  • IDE to USB 2.0 converter

    ok guys i'm new here, but i've been reading through the forums ALOT. So I have got an hp-epc that i want to use for a carpc, and i have everything figured out, except it doesn't have usb 2.0 and it has no PCI slots for a 2.0 card. Is thier such thing as an IDE to USB 2.0. I'm not talking about this I'm talking about something that will plug into the ide cable and give me a USb 2.0 Port. I've googled and searched the forum like a good noob, but haven't found anything. Thanks in advance.

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      not that i know of, you may have to go PCI USB2.0 card.
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        Think about what connects to an IDE channel... Hard drives and optical drives.

        Now think about what can be connected to a USB2.0 channel. Printers, digital cameras, audio devices, joysticks, video controllers, networking adapters, scanners, portable storage devices, ad nauseum.

        Now, you tell me if you can accept a printer connection across an IDE channel via some IDE -> USB adapter.
        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
        How about the Wiki?

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          Yeah, i'm with DP, I don't think this is possible. IDE and USB are two totally different technologies, I wouldn't bother looking any further for this mystical beast. USB is set up to be a Universal device connector so a driver can be read to handle whatever data stream is coming down the pike. Theoretically the only way this could work is with a complicated piece of hardware that was like a "harddrive" emulator, but it would be a bottleneck of info I think.

          Just get the PCI-> USB port.

          Of course,the next post will be the part you're looking for, but I doubt it.


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            I don't see why a product like that shouldn't exsist? I've just done a quick google, and found nothing really, but I take it you want to be able to the hdd with you. have you thought about getting a removable HDD caddy?


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              IDE bus is Paralel, USB is serial, so there is no hope in hell for getting an adapter!
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                alright guys thanx for the help i'll prob go mini itx or something...


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                  Yeah its not possible to that.
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