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i need some opinions. to carpc or not to carpc

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  • i need some opinions. to carpc or not to carpc

    that is the question. im building a carpc for some guy and im making a pretty penny off of the install. i have a p4 insight board with 512ram and opus 150 bu303 and eveything. i was thinking should i just sell him my car pc and just hook up a dvd player to my screen and burn everything to dvd and mp3 discs? i realized i only have about 300 songs in my pc and i never rip any to my hd. i can get my hands on a pioneer navigation unit and hook it up to my lilliput indash and usea regular dvd with tv tuner built in. so in the end. sell my pc and make a **** load of money. or keep it and build him a new one? by the way what i listed isnt the only things thats included its just the basic setup.
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    Dont screw him with used parts, get him new stuff unless he dont care. But if he is a ricer go ahead and get the most money out of him.
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      C'mon, do you really want to know our opinion on it? I mean, its your car and your money so you must have some thoughts on it. You know what a PC can do, you know what your setup can do without one... which will make you happier?
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        lol i know its my setup. plus my stuff all works perfect and is all like brand new. its a kick *** system. i paid wel over 1000 bucks for it. plus he said he wants what i have. i think i came to the decision of keeping my car pc. im just gonna go ahead and start ordering his stuff.
        i got dat ***** sittin on 22s! SUPERMAN EDITION!