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Biostar M7NG and dual vga out

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  • Biostar M7NG and dual vga out

    How do i go about getting dual VGA out on this board it has the onboard video and id like to run a second video (vga) as well

    ive toyed with the svideo out and the quiality as we all know sux even just runing videos etc

    do i need to just put any old card in there or do i need a specific model

    also im aware the power consumption will be high but i plan on doing this after there is a 300W solution. but would i be pushing the 300W envelope with 2 cards a well?

    thanks for the help nview confuses the hell outta me im used to ati cards
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    i have a dual vga out nvidia card that you could use... I used to get 800X480 for my xenarc with it and powerstrip...