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looking for motherboard to start car pc

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  • looking for motherboard to start car pc

    Hi guys,
    I'm a noob here, but not new to computers (i work as a network/systems engineer in the IT industry here in Australia)
    I recently came across this forum whilst looking around to see if anyone was building pc's for cars yet.
    Had a look at a few of the projects users on here have posted, all i can say is awesome

    Anyway to the point. I am trying to get together parts to build a computer for the car and have a few questions.

    What type of motherboard is ideal for me to get? I have hyad a look at the ITX ones in the online store but am unsure which one would suit me. Ideally looking to put it in one of the Morex 3688 cases.

    Also looking for a decent lcd touch screen to use with it, can anyone recommend one?

    finally, what software do you guys run on your car pc's? i've seen a few with "media center" style software running on them. Where can i get my hands on this software?

    Thanks in advance for the help, and hopefully i havent missed a thread asking similar questions in my search earlier


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    hi and welcome to our insanity ;-))

    just read a review on that box here,wish they were around when i built mine ........

    being that small i would say stick to one of the epia boards.....
    pick the speed depending on how much you want it to do....
    Volvo V40 Phase 2 2002. T4 turbo upgrade.... currently no mp3 or carputer..... researching options