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    I've seen people add a 2nd LCD display and connect to the computer that is already in the prius. To my knowledge, this computer (computers?) calculates mileage, manages electric vs gas, etc.

    Does anyone have any experience adding another computer to the prius? The H/U currently manages GPS, audio etc, but it's not very robust. Any suggestions and ideas appreciated.
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    If the headunit in your car is not robust enough for you.. i highly suggest you stay away from a carPc... some people NEVER get their pcs to run time after time with no problems... Car pc's are more of a hobby than a solution to you "robust-ness" issue
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      Amen to that ... i drove a prius for a while and the system never hung on me.
      My carputer on the other hand i've had for one week and it already crashed a couple of times on me (mostly 'cause of me trying out some stuff i shouldn't try, but hey you get the point)
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