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Selling my Fujitsu P2120 laptop

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  • Selling my Fujitsu P2120 laptop

    Well, the time has come where I'm not using my personal laptop P2120 as much as I'd like (using work-provided laptop), and I'm ready to sell it.

    Here are the specs:
    Fujitsu P2120
    Windows XP Home
    10.6" wide x 7" deep x 1.6" high (compact)
    933mhz Transmeta Crusoe processor
    512mb ram
    40gb HD
    1.44 floppy drive (swappable with DVD/CDRW)
    DVD/CDRW (swappable with floppy)
    Standard battery
    Extended battery
    monitor out
    s-video out
    audio out
    built-in 56k modem
    built-in wi-fi 802.11b wireless with on/off switch
    built-in ethernet
    1 pcmcia slot
    2 usb 2.0 ports
    stereo speakers
    firewire port
    Vasola neoprene case
    No scratches, dings, etc.
    Power supply

    It's reset to factory defaults, and ready for a new home. If you're interested, I'm selling it for $850 plus shipping (originally was $1,500 w/o upgrades). The system is awesome on battery life, it's been a great companion.



    EDIT: Oops, realized I posted in the wrong location. Moved to the classified section.

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