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Need advise on going all carputer

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  • Need advise on going all carputer

    I have a 2001 BMW X5 with factory nave that I painfully retrofitted myself, including the factory video module. I also added a car computer and was mainly using it for music playing, dvd movies and videos. I even built the slot load dvd player in the arm rest console. I will eventually post pics here for all to see. Its a year laterr now and I have expaned/upgraded my carputer system. This is what I got

    Sumicom S620, 100gb internal, dvd/cd-rw, 512mb, pcmcia, tv-out. This thing is hooked up.

    80gb 2.5 hooked up to firewire
    DVD in console hooked up to firewire
    Audigy 2NX
    Dlink USB wireless 108mbps
    Firefly RF remote
    BU-303 Gps
    USB to serial for my IBUS adapter
    Diamond PVR600 to watch static TV.
    Gyration Wiress K/M
    Powered by a EZpro 2.4 power controller
    P1900 powersupply, w/ 3rd 5v output
    a few Opus POL's
    some USB hubs, extender and a firewire extender.
    Tank module, tank battery.

    I am very happy with both setups. computer and factory. The factory nav is great, simple but on point and effective. The whole system interacts with my cluster which I also had to replace and code to the vehicle for fule consumption and other trip data. Man, now that I think of it I spent a great deal of time and effort and pain on the factory system. Ok, back to my point. The reason why I bring this up is because I love the carputer but I hate viewing it on the factory nav and the factory nav dosent have touchscreen so I really cannot mess with these car programs that are out there. I am currently uising CarAMP which was designed for the BMW to uses IBUS and the controls on the steering wheel and board monitor. I am also experimenting with Meida portal and I am modifing a skin so it appears larger on my screen and can be controlled by board monitor buttons. I love Free Drive for NAV but I still think my NAV system is better. The girl instructs you better on my nav and its more accurate, plus theres a gyro and motion sensors when sats are not available. I also have a backup cam and voice activation. Selling this system could by me two carputer setups and god only knows I spend much more then that.

    I could keep going on but it comes down to this. Should I just toss my factory setup, cant believe I even have the balls to say that, add in a FM tuner on the carputer and get a 7" touch screen and custom bezel from the guy that makes them here in this fourm. Or should I just leave all my hard work alone and deal with the display and continue to try and find a touchscreen for a 6.5" widescreen lcd which seems to be f*ucking non-existant. okay, now its time to add this guy ----->

    I could also, and this is a real pain in the ***, replace the LCD in my board montior housing with a VGA touch screen and canabolize it so thats my main display and use a composite video in from the 6.5" to input the factory video. I know of someone who did this on the bmwnav group. This is really extreme and I dont have a way to contct this guy and ask questions. Again....