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2005 Accord EX V6

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  • 2005 Accord EX V6

    Hi.. im new to the forum.. im getting my New Accord Ex V6 (4door sedan) very soon.. and i just realized it has no trip computer or anything similar.. so i want to add a carputer to it.. i dont want to cut/tear/break anything and to do the less modifications to the car as possible.. yet i want it to look factory installed.. (In the big hole under the Cd player behind the gearbox stick) money is not an issue... whats the best solution? (will a Nano ITX or something really tiny like that fit in that hole together with a touch screen and this kind of fitting? CLICK HERE )
    also i have no clue about the power supply needed.. i build my own computers but i have no clue about 12volts stuff..
    !! Thanks a lot and Greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina!!