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Dual touchscreen calibration

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  • Dual touchscreen calibration

    Dual touchscreen calibration with xenarc or lilliput.
    anyone have a setup with 2 seperate screens
    for ex 2 xenarcs or 2 lillis.
    does the config utility know the difference between the 2 so that you can calabrate them separatly or does the config utility bleed over the setting from one to the other.

    i was going to do dual touch screen but calibration seems like it might be a problem
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    I done dual touchscreens before with no problem, but they both weren't the same screen so they each had there own utility.... if you have two same screens will it install two instances of utilitys, probably not,

    is it possible that the utility recognizes two of it's screens & selects them indevidually for calibration.... don't know... this might be a question for both manufactures....e-mail tech support.
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      Both Lilliputs and Xenarcs use the same exact utility and last time I checked, it had support for multiple devices
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        I know on the utility there's a checkbox "Enable multiple monitors", I'm about to do that setup so I was also curious.
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          I know the TView software lets you select which screen you're doing.

          Every USB device has it's own 'InstanceID', so as long as the software looks like it has a way to choose the screen, it should work fine.

          I believe the 'multiple monitors' option is used for if you're using two monitors to 'stretch' windows across them, and not 'clone' them. (Expand your desktop instead of having two monitors showing the same image.)