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My first "Carputer"

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  • My first "Carputer"

    Hi everybody,

    Im the owner of a 2004 Toyota Matrix. After seeing the job of a fellow matrix owner on, I became inspired to start the project. So far I have just been rounding up some old computer parts. Here is what I have so far:

    P4 1.5 ghz
    576 meg o ram (only pc133)
    A geForce 4 440mx (smallest card I had laying around)
    A CRAPtor 80gb hd.
    As for the Case I am using a 12x12x4 electrical box (hey, im an electrician )

    Things I need to get:
    Touchscreen (think I found the one I like)
    bondo and another center bezel.
    slim DVD/CD.
    Either an opus PS or inverter... going to do a draw test.
    And some usb stuff too (GPS, controllers for gaming, wireless to the router, keyboard)

    I do have a coupple of questions however. Mind you I have done a lot of FAQ searching here.

    1. Does anyone with a P4 run an opus? 150w? I think im running to much stuff to have that small but comments are appreciated.
    2. Canadians.... what navagation software do you prefer?
    3. I have a Rockford fosgate 200s amp. Like this From my old van. I know extreemly little about car audio. Because I am removing and not using the HU, I was wondering if I could use this amp to power my speakers... I can easily use an m -> rca adaptor.. I just dont know if it will work past the amp. Im just not sure if it just would plain suck. My friends talk about this clipping stuff... Yeah.... over my head. Basically my question is, would it be better than the AC delco stock thing I have there now.

    Thanks for your patence... and wish me luck.
    Process meter!
    CarPC [#######-] 90% (In, some loose ends)
    Audio [#######--] 80% (Rear speakers to be installed)
    Total in car [#######_-] 85% (mostly everything)

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    get the stuff you need and post your progress!


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      You need to learn about clipping before you install that amp. You want to make sure it's tuned correctly or you can risk hurting the amp, or more likely hurting your speakers.

      Basically, when your amp is 'clipping', what's happening is it's being pushed past its output limits so the sound coming out of the amp is very distorted (square wave). Tuning your amp to make sure it's not clipping is easy. This page will tell you how to tune your amp:;f=2;t=030419.

      I have ran a P4 2.4ghz with an OPUS. You have nothing to worry about.


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        The graphics card will use up many precious watts... consider on board graphics.

        The amp sounds fine, check your speakers are up to the power output.
        Clipping is when the audio signal is over-amplified and so runs out of headroom. The peak of the audio wave gets cut flat, leading to nasty distortion which is bad for speakers.
        Lower the audio level on the offending component, probably the PC.


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          Thanks for the replys so far guys. I will be posting progress as it happens...

          Roadhog: Yeah it sure will take up the power I dont want to use onboard vid for 2 reasons. 1. It doesnt have any hehe 2. I want to play games.... while parked of course. Im leaning towards an inverter... I do have a spare PS.
          Process meter!
          CarPC [#######-] 90% (In, some loose ends)
          Audio [#######--] 80% (Rear speakers to be installed)
          Total in car [#######_-] 85% (mostly everything)


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            playing games while parked with a power inverter doesn't mix, unless you run a two battery set up, but the charging gets annoying as well.