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Upgrade video on a EPIA Modo does it make a difference?

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  • Upgrade video on a EPIA Modo does it make a difference?

    Debating for a long time now to upgrade the on board video of my MII 10000. Everything played well with the standard CLE 266 except visuals, so I bought a new FX 5200 today.

    Errr I donít notice any difference? LOL

    If you upgraded your onboard VIA to a PCI GPU card tell me if you see a performance increase.

    Some things I could have done wrong:

    I can not get rid of the driver for the onboard video I just disabled it.
    The S3 drivers are still there also, every time I reboot they come back, but I figure if the on board chip is disabled I should be OK?
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    It plays dvd smoothly, and having 800*480 is really easier.
    Now Galileo is real. Muhahahahaha :p