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USB Radio Xtreme (Disappointed)

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  • USB Radio Xtreme (Disappointed)

    Well just got my USB Radio Xtreme in today and not impressed. Installed the drivers and radiator just in case. Im using centrafuse with built in support for the radio. I get about 60% - 75% of the radio stations around here...And the one thing that bugs me is the station cuts in and out every 10 secs or so and the volume on the station drops down...real low..the volume is low enough as it having the stations volume go up and down every 10 secs makes it un bearable to listen to? Any body have a fix for this, i emailed the company but havent had a response yet...
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    Bump...having similar problems...just got mine today.


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      Originally posted by NeoMatrixJR
      Bump...having similar problems...just got mine today.

      the forum. There are issues with all the computer based radios. One of the things that may help is adding an external antenna. Your issues appear to be all related to reception. If you can improve the reception, the other issues might improve.

      I think there was a thread somewhere on adding an external antenna. A and a may help in that regard.

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        Yeah, I've got the external wire it came with's not in the car yet.