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Will this headless amp setup work for my 6spkr 300c?

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  • Will this headless amp setup work for my 6spkr 300c?

    Okay guys, based upon the feedback I've received, this is how my carpc is shaping up. Remember, I am not an audiophile, I am looking for functionality (Nav/DVDs/mp3/Divx,etc) and something better than the really muddy sound that the base 6-speaker Boston Acoustics 300C system provides. Again, as the 300c head unit controls the amp, and I am going headless, it seems, then I am going to have to replace the 6-channel 2-ohm stable amp in the car with something else to drive the 6 speakers I put in. Anyway, do you think the following will give me clean sound and good performance? I am also shooting for having the best “control” over my volume, so that I don’t get any 100dB “dings” from Windows…..(Please note the options on the sound/audio and let me know if you have strong feelings which one is better)

    Screen: Xenarc 700TSV 7" VGA touchscreen
    PC: probably an Epia M10000 or Shuttle-type PC with a 64-bit Sempron
    Sound: USB or PCI Audigy NX/ZS sound card OR an Audiobahn ADD1T external DAC receiving SPDIF/optical and converting to 6 channel for my amp
    Amp: Audiobahn 6601t
    Power Supply: M1-ATX
    Speakers 6 2-ohm or 4-ohm Infinity Kappas or similar
    FM radio: D-link USB FM radio or similar
    GPS: generic USB GPS