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Brake Wire Input Inquiry

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  • Brake Wire Input Inquiry

    A company famous for their apperances on MTV's Pimp My Ride Shows offer a Brake Wire Input to control what is displayed on the monitor close to the driver to avoid distractions and accidents. Have somebody in the forum done this on their systems? How can this be accomplished?

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    you may be talking about a PAC tr-7.... it is used to ELIMINATE the video lockout on some mm headunits so they can display video when driving

    either that or some mm head units require a connection to the E brake to display video..... either way I these don't apply to a pc

    you shouldn't need a module to prevent you from doing what you know you shouldn't do though....
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      search for "Simple Serial circuit" posted by Rando.
      Implemented in FrodoPlayer. It is to disable video playback when the e-brake is NOT enable (down).
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