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Cheap usb hubs?

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  • Cheap usb hubs?

    I need some cheap and reliable usb hubs (two of at least 4 ports)

    I real realy wish they made a 10 port usb hub.

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    search on newegg

    I got 4 Jahts or something off there for like 6 or 7 a peice, i think

    They run really hot when powered but work.
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      they make em in 4 port because
      most standard usb devices use 100mA
      a usb port puts out 500mA
      the hub uses 100ma to do its work

      so 4 ports at 100mA plus the hub = 500mA
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        They make 7 port hubs. you should be powering your hubs anyway instead of the computer providing power. If you continue to add USB devices this could turn into a problem.


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          Total ports ever used would be 10 so I'm hoping I can manage with two buss powered hubs to get the 8 minimum ports needed.

          If I am going to have to power a hub then I want a single 10 port usb hub that I can power from my 12v line. As far as I know 10 ports should be no problem for usb (asuming it was powered)


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              Here is some of what will be pluged into the usb ports.

              Asus usb wifi
              zonet usb bluetooth
              keyboard (could get a ps/2 if need be)
              PS2 to usb adaptor (using the analog as a mouse)
              1-wire to usb adaptor (temp sensors)
              IR to usb adaptor (for remote control)
              Touch screen
              Memory card reader.

              Actualy that is all I need plug in at this point but it would be nice if I had one free port to jack in my pen drive and such. I would guess the wifi and bluetooth are the two power suckers in the list.