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AUX-IN solution for Alpine HU

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  • AUX-IN solution for Alpine HU

    I recently aquired an Alpine CDM-7857 Head-Unit, which has the M-Bus Adapter on the the back for CD changer control. I've attempted using the the M-Bus to RCA connector cable to try the simple way of doing an AUX in, but a no-go. I suppose its because my M-Bus connector isn't the "M-Bus V-Link" connection???

    Here's my question(s)- is there any solution to getting an auxilary input, aside from spending $200 on an ICELink or buying a new headunit?

    I know I've seen kits for factory stereo's that transform their CD control to an RCA in, but is there one for aftermarket? (they only cost $50-60)

    I'm not really sure how alpine works... is the control/programming for the v-link in the actual deck or the faceplate? (is it possible to get a newer faceplate off e-bay and use it with the deck?)

    Upon doing research and searches of previous posts, I keep coming accross this link: ...which is said to have a solution to my problem, however, its broken. Does anybody have the information from this site mirrored somewhere?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    I am not sure how old/new is the HU, but if you have an old one like mine TDM 7534s (95-96 model year), then it is a No go solution for simple aux-in. Newer model, there may be hope.
    You may look up alpine tech online for manual if you don't have one.
    But normally, you can enable aux-in put by plug in the adapter and ground the "pink" wire on the main connector to enable the audio-mute which will turn on the aux audio line (mainly for car phone.)
    If the model is even newer, there is an option in the menu to turn on the aux input but punching couple buttons. Again, look up alpine tech for manual to do it.
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      Thank-you very much for your reply. I don't believe the model is that old, however, could you explain further regarding your solution with the pink wire?? is this on the main connector to power and sound the stereo? or the m-bus input on back? or is it a pin on the M-Bus to RCA cable I've purchased?

      I've looked at the manual for the unit, there's no reference to any type of AUX connection.

      Thanks again...


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        It's on the main connector.
        If you have the manual, look it up. I am NOT 100% sure wether you have to ground or apply power to that wire. So you HAVE to look up the manual before doing it.
        It maynot said aux input, instead, it will said something regarding to telephone mute.
        2004 Matrix XR A7N8X-VM/400 AMD XP-M 2500+, DS-ATX
        89 Supra Turbo P3 [email protected]/Abit BE6 II, Alpine M-BUS Car2PC.
        Y2K Accord Dell GX150
        RoadRunner is the best FE PERIOD
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          In doing some more research, I found what you were talking about... its actually for Headunits with AI-Net, but not the VLink... my deck is just the M-Bus (No "AI") so the pink wire you're referring to doesn't exist :-\

          Is there a similar fix to non-AI decks?


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            im currently trying to find out the same information for my project. I have a CDA-9815 h/u with Ai-Net on it. However, a cable for the Ai-Net to RCA plug retails at AUD$90 and as a student, it is affordable somewhat, but it still sucks.
            It has 3 RCA outs on it also, however these are dedicated to front, rear, and sub amps which dont allow me to use as a AV in.

            A schematic diagram of the plug may help, however, is the ai-net input digital? as that may require more work.

            If anybody has any information on how i can get around this it would be muchly appreciated.

            not sure if this is correct , thats for the m-bus so it may help you, dunno if ai-net is the same though?
            Big Paul

            *edit* for ai-net */edit*


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              I do have an adapter from MBus to PC. You can use it as AUX just fine.
              Here is the thread:
              The one on a site is a full featured adapter, I do have only PCB board shown in thread which is $50. It allows you to connect it to PC just fine...
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                Sorry to bump this

                Hey guys, First post, I found the information on this site quite useful.. however... wrong.... I have the 9813. (Pretty much the same as the 9815 but with only one line display) This is what I did and I was able to fit a female 3.5mm onto it (should be the same for rca if that's what you want, or even a male 3.5mm, but I wanted a nice little 1/8th port in my dash.) Anways, once you splice open the AI-NET, the red and white wires inside are right and left channels. Put the red wire coming off the AI-NET to the red line in your audio cable, and the white to white, now take your gound and attach it the ground sheilding that was housing the other set of wires (orange and blue I think) And you're done. I would advise you hook it up and test with an ipod or something before you cap it up and tuck it back into the dash, or you'll end up like me. After following the wiring diagram that was given here and finding out the ground was not the orange cable like it said i had to take my dash apart again and find the right ground. Enjoy (Also very sorry for bumping such an old thread)