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sound from front channel only on audigy 2 nx

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  • sound from front channel only on audigy 2 nx

    I have been using this same sound card for atleast a year now. It worked just fine on my old carputer. The hard drive controller on my old carputer shorted out or something so I have a new computer now. The audigy doesn't seem to want to play nice and only puts sound out from the front channel. Doesn't matter what I have hooked up to it, sound will only come from the front channel. I normally use the front and rear channels, front for my 6x9's and rear for my subs.
    I know..your thinking what the hell.... I don't have any front speakers, just 6x9's and subs.

    Any suggestions or settings I'm missing? Thanks

    Edit: By the way, I tried an older sound blaster live pci card and it does the same exact thing. So...I am REALLY lost as to what is going on here.
    I'm running windows media center edition.

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    What drivers? Have you set the correct speaker config in the drivers/creative app ?

    Just a thought
    List of front-ends/usefull apps
    XTroniC | XTroniC Direct


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      Look for CMSS and set the bottom setting and you will fix this issue. Mp3's are not in surround sound they are just stereo so unless you set this mode which is ensentially Dolby Pro Logic it won't play out of the rear speakers.
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