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  • SBC/TFT combo

    I was snarfing around the internet earlier and came across this:

    I wish I found this when I first started working on my unit. It's a 200mhz system with 64MB of ram and 32MB of flash. Features audio, GPIO, USB, IDE, IrDA, 10Mb Ethernet, real-time clock, watchdog timer, and to top it all off: a 640x480 LCD w/ touchscreen.

    You might need to get a power regulator for accessories such as HDD, but it looks the the device is very small footprint. One could make a small tablet media player device.

    I thought my 3.5" SBC and 256x128px VFD were small!


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    I guess I'm the only one who thought it was cool.


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      I have my doubts how much you could get a 200Mhz arm processor to do.
      And what's the video accelerator like, any mpeg assistance, 3d acceleration?
      Old Systems retired due to new car
      New system at design/prototype stage on BeagleBoard.


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        That is pretty sexy. Pretty reasonably priced too; not cheap by any means, but not insanely expensive as these kind of things tend to be.