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Audigy 2 Value - Adjusting bass crossover

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  • Audigy 2 Value - Adjusting bass crossover

    I have an Audigy 2 Value card that im running as 5.1 (no actual centre channel). All runs fine but I would like to raise the crossover frequency to my subs. My door speakers are only 5 in and I have bass redirection sending the real low bass fine to the subs. Problem is that I think the highest bass redirection setting using the standard creative drivers must be set to about 100HZ and i'd really like to send all bass up to about 140HZ to the subs but it would appear the current drivers dont go that high. Any ideas??

    Thanks in advance. I thought about the KXProject drivers but the 'Audigy 2 value' card is not supported..

    P3 900MHZ 256meg, 160 gig 3.5, Lilliput 7 Touch screen, GPS (not working..yet), 3 million wires. 3 amps,

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    I can't believe no one has this same problem... Oh well. Maybe I just need to buy yet another different type of sound card....
    P3 900MHZ 256meg, 160 gig 3.5, Lilliput 7 Touch screen, GPS (not working..yet), 3 million wires. 3 amps,


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      What subs do you have? I'm trying to figure out why you would want to send frequencies that high to your subs?

      Is there not a Xover on your subwoofer amp, or do you just want to adjust it on the computer?


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        Well I have never hooked the sound card straight into an amp . . .But i have lot of exprience hooking them into home theater systems . . . .

        Theres a few advanced options you can set on the audigy
        You'll need to install all the drivers (and software) that came with the card - (you dont have to install the stupid stuff like sound fonts and all that) -

        There a bass "redirection" option - You can drag a slider to redirect ultra low to highs/mids

        As long as you actually are using the "sub" output port on the soundcard - this will work
        You can also tinker with the THX console and the EAX console - You should be able to customize your bass pretty well - I have my sony reciever thumping pretty good

        Hit me up if you have any questions - i have lots of audigy 2 exprience


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          Originally posted by r3ydium
          Hit me up if you have any questions - i have lots of audigy 2 exprience
          I've got a question (or need for confirmation) about the Audigy 2, as well as PC sound cards in general.

          So far, my only experience with multi-channel sound has been with a NForce2 motherboard, which I've always known to be special in that it can actually generate a true Dolby Digital signal from the SPDIF (optical and coax) outputs. That is to say that six discrete channels of input can be encoded in Dolby Digital and then sent out over the SPDIF port. It appears, even several years after the introduction of the NForce2, that this is the only PC sound system (at least, excluding pro audio gear) capable of this.

          It appears as if all other PC sound cards (including the Audigy 2) are only capable of generating 2-channel PCM output through the SPDIF port, and can therefore only support multi-channel sound using the by using the old, *analog* Dolby ProLogic system to encode 4 channels in top of the 2-channel PCM signal. It should be noted that all of these cards are capable of taking a pre-encoded Dolby Digital (such as found on the audio track of a video DVD) and passing it through the SPDIF port.

          If this is the case (and I am pretty sure it is) it would explain why the SPDIF output of the Epia boards is so poor: The SPDIF output is locked into ProLogic mode when used as a soundcard (as opposed to passing through a Dolby Digital stream) and the analog ProLogic encoder is of poor quality.

          The upshot of all this is that you really don't want to be using the SPDIF output of (almost) any sound card to drive your car audio and you will be (perhaps much) better off using the multi-channel analog outputs of the soundcard.