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  • Cooling Upgrade

    Hey guys I need to upgrade all my cooling in my pc.... I already have an upgraded cpu fan, but im unpleased with is... if you could suggest some good amd athlon xp (socket a) fans that'd be great.... also i need to upgrade the junk stock heatsinks on my vga controller, and another heatsink with somethign to do with the video, not sure what.... the dimensions of the base of each heatsink are.....

    40mm x 40mm
    30mm x 30mm

    Now im having trouble finding upgrades for those, if anyone knows of any please let me know, thanks
    Debating on installing a carpc in my Jeep.....

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    You can search based on your criteria, and most of the products have customer reviews. I've found them to be fairly accurate. I got a great deal on a heatsink for my desktop from NewEgg, based on the reviews it got. It made about a 10 degree difference.


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      yea i was looking on there, but i cant specify the sizes of the heatsinks i want
      Debating on installing a carpc in my Jeep.....