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Looking For USB Voltmeter or simliar device

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  • Looking For USB Voltmeter or simliar device


    Im fairly new to this forum and am looking at implement a carputer into my... car (Toyota Starlet GT). One thing that i would like to do is be able to have gauges (boost, speed, etc) displayed on the carputer. One thing i know is that this car does not have the ODBII thingy, so i want to approach it from the angle of using voltmeters. I know the ECU uses different voltages to differ different speeds and boost etc. So what i am looking for is a Voltmeter that is USB or Serial of som sort. I tried using the search function but could not find anything of the sort, can anyone help me.

    P.S. i am able to program so the software side shouldnt be too much hassle.

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    you want Analog inputs.

    I got this board for controlling all my appliances in the car, and it comes with two analog inputs, you could hook these up to your speedo etc and calibrate them.

    UK site, sorry if your elseware, i have seen a US supplier somewhere.

    just search for USB Analog Input board or something of the like.


    if your in the US this with this board would be great for you. 8 analog inputs!!!

    (i'm also considering going the Speedo volemeter route for my Speed and Temperature etc... ODBII can only reach 1 reading per sec in my car (VW Polo year: 2000)


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      thank you that is exaclty what i am after. One question with the phidget stuff. Do you ahve 2 buy a voltage sensor for every analogue input you want?


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        if you want them to be voltemeters, yes.

        You could try making your own


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          remember to consider the sample rate & data transfer rate.
          If you want decent smooth indications you will need at least a 10Hz reading.


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            i was gonna use phidget(s) to replace my climate controls... hopefully by reading the voltage on the existing sensors and such

            i thought it would be terrible to use one volt sensor per input, so i was thinking of getting a large system of relays to switch the volt sensor between different wires? and having the digital ins/outs on the phidget(s) control the relays based on user input on the computer

            does this apply to your question(s)?


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              USB Voltmeter Board


              These guys make a USB voltmeter board:
              It has six isolated voltage inputs, all controllable through the USB port. Has good temperature specs too.



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                Take a look at the Fusion Brain. It has multiple analog inputs, is designed for in car use, and has Ride Runner plug-ins for integrating with the PC and....

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