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Slight Sound inputting problem

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  • Slight Sound inputting problem

    Today I received my new lilliput touchscreen in the mail, I did a mock-installation to see how things would work. I have a DEH P740MP headunit, and the problem is that I thought for some reason there was one input and two outputs for RCAs, yet on the website for it, it says it has 3 RCA preouts.. soo, my whole plan was to run it into the deck, then to run it out to the amp and my stock car speakers.... But here's the confusing part, on my "Source Selector" button on my headunit, It has Auxillary, Compact Disc, and Tuner functions. Why would there be an Auxillary selector if there's 3 preouts and no ins? doesn't make much sense to me.... I really don't want to have to get a new amp, hook all the speakers onto the 4 channel amp, somehow, split an RCA connection so it can receive both outputs on my Bass Mono block amplifier so it takes either connection... the list just goes on and on and on... So should I start looking for another deck? or is there something I'm missing? Thanks, BTW the deck model is Pioneer Premier DEH-P740MP (older model)

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    Well... I did some research and apparently I need something called an IP-BUS-RCA cable... looked even further and DAMMMNNN 30-60 bucks for one of them.. just for a cable.. that's insane, but whatever works..