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Auxiliary Input Adapter for 2002 Honda Accord.

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  • Auxiliary Input Adapter for 2002 Honda Accord.

    Hey all,

    My carputer is complete and tested. Now its time to install it. I have searched the forums for anything about an aux input adapter for my Accords Head Unit (model 2PA1) but have not found anything.

    Have any of you hooked your carputers through a Honda 2PA1 Radio/CD Player and which adapter have you used. I have checked out blitzsafe and Soundgate but they are not too specific.

    Thanks for any help!


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    Im not familar with the Accord, but does your radio have a DIN adapter on it? If it has a 18 pin DIN plug and need RCA, you can get them at Crutchfield for $25.99. Im not sure if thats what you are looking for


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      Search for HON98 AUX adapter. I think this would work on your vehicle. But search and look for description to make sure. It worked on my CR-V
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        Hi Sup and Justintime,

        Hustintime, as you posted my answer, I just found what you are talking about. Made by P.I. E.. Just ordered it, $59.00 with 3 day shipping.
        Thanks for the help.

        Now i'ts on to fabricate a fiberglass housing for my monitor. Its going into the empty space in the bottom of my front of the shifter. Fits perfect.