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Install Battery to fix boot time

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  • Install Battery to fix boot time

    Here is the what I am thinking...

    I hate the idea of a 30-60 second boot time not just for the inconvenience, but mainly it takes away the "WOW" factor when you show it off. 30 seconds isn't long when you are backing out of your driveway but when you are showing your system to your buddy and you have to just sit and wait for it to load it doesn't look nearly as impressive.

    Laptops - a laptop can sit in hibernate for days. I want to run my powersupply off of a second battery (haven't decided which type yet). I'm pretty sure a second battery could be hooked up to the alternator but whether in series or in parellel I don't know. I would like to develop hardware/software so when your ignition is off (and you lose the accessory line) a relay trips sending a signal to your CPU to hibernate (and vice/versa when the engine turns on). I'll also wire in a toggle switch to cut power to the P/S when I know I will not be driving the car for a few days.

    I haven't purchased my system yet, so I have a few other questions.

    Do lilliput monitors have a hibernate function? If not a toggle would solve that. But I am looking to build a turn-key system. Turn the key and you are off and running. Touch the screen to wake it up from hibernate (worse case if I can't get the relays to do it for me) and your good to go.

    ANY COMMENTS ARE EXTREMELY WELCOME. I'll be drawing up a diagram of how I am considering wiring everything. I will be researching alternators to see how they work and if this is possible.

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    just fyi, when a system is hibernating, it uses absolutely NO power
    so, a laptop or even a desktop can be without power while hibernating for forever (assuming no cmos battery issues or anything stupid like that). Good luck to you.


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      its really easy. Throw in another battery, and wire it up the same as the other one. Now you have two batteries. You may want to upgrade your alt first though. You are increasing alot of load by doing so.
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        lol alot of people are impressed with the windows logo while its booting. i guess its a way to really prove to their slow asses that its a pc. cuz i doubt anyone who really says WOW to a carputer seeing it the first time has any clue what a front end it. i always have to end up explaining it. lol
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          wow factor??
          shouldnt be ur #1 reason.
          But just it hook it up to your alarm or get a simple rf relay board. then once u bring up that you have a carputer, you can just push the button and by the time you get in the car it will be ready to sell another lilliput or xen.
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