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Usb ports on Morex Case problem

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  • Usb ports on Morex Case problem

    I got a Morex 3688 case and the Freetech P6F172 motherboard. To my knowledge the freetech motherboard is built almost exactly the same as the VIA M1200 with the same chipsets and controllers.

    Now my question is how do I hook up the front Usb ports on the case to the motherboard?

    I thought that the cable that comes with the case connects to the usb ports inside and then to the USB 1/2 or USB 3/4 connectors on the motherboard. But when I tried this months ago I fried two motherboards. So, i never tried doing it again. Then i found another connection on teh motherboard that says COM 2 and has the exact same connectors as the USB ports. (I was putting in another harddrive becasue mine died for no apparent reason.) Is this the one that I'm supposed to connect them to?


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    anybody know?


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      There should be a set of jumpers on the mainboard that you plug the USB remote extensin cables to. Check your Manual. I looked on the Freetech site but that MB is not listed. What # manual came with the board. It staes on the specs I found here (link below) that the MB supports 4 X USB, there are only 2 ports on the back, so there has to be jumpers on the MB.

      Have you got the system up and running yet? I am building a system based on one of their propietary FF boards the P8F162 in their mipi case (link below)... P4 2.4... 2x80 gig 5400 HD's... 512mb ram... DL DVD burner (slot loading) tons of usb perifs, and eventally a 300 gig removable (firewire). Let me know how you like the board... still building mine, a little querky due to its extremely small size.

      And if you can upload a scematic of the MB, I will tell you which jumpers are for the usb.




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        well the motherboard I got is this one from the same site

        There are usb jumpers on the board. But the problem is the two times that I connected the usb extension to it, the motherboard fried. Ill post pics of the usb jumpers and the com port jumper I mentioned.

        The link for your motherboard doesnt work but id love to see it.



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          Did you ever get that Freetech motherboard working?


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            Hey sorry. I havent been back here and never realy got time to take pics of the motherboard. I talked to one of my friends and he said that for his motherboard he plugged the connector to the com port jumpers and it worked for him. So now i just find some time to open up my case in the trunk to do it.