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Tapping into CAN bus

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  • Tapping into CAN bus

    This is just a thread to throw out ideas for consideration.

    looking at the trend in automotive world, centralised data bus for control and monitoring is the way to go.

    Even though we have not developed a universal way of extracting data from the CAN bus, I don't think it would be long before it happens.

    I was thinking, if we can take out data, why not put data in as well? And since CAN is very much an industrial protocol, there are already couple of modules available.

    For instance.

    A few application that i can see this would be (some are ideas being looked into in other threads):
    1. linear accelorometer(for G-force )
    2. reverse distance sensor
    3. addtional temperature sensors (eg. pre and post intercooler)

    surfing some of the high end racing shops suggest that this seems to be already in place but might not be available to general public.

    if this can be successfully implement, all we need is a generic CAN interface at the CarPC end to monitor alot of parameters which normally takes tens of wires and gauges to monitor.

    Would appreciate more knowledgeable forumers to voice out on this topic.

    CarPC Ver 4 completed. Aopen i45GMT-HD, C2D mobile 2GHz. Photofast 64GB SSD. Novatel EU-850D