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Digital dash and climate control???

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  • Digital dash and climate control???

    Since I am in the process of a new dash and center console and sound system I was thinking it would be very cool to get rid of the old manual hvac system and upgrade to a digital one, the dash bored as well however since it is an old 94 ford explorer is not as easy as ordering an upgrade from ford. Has anyone done such a thing? Is it possible? Is it hard? And where can I buy the needed parts?
    Any info would be great!

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      Sigh yes I did but no one seems to have come up with a well explained way of doing this or at least not that I have found. The general consensus seems to be use servos however I was unable to find a pic of this hooked up anywhere. Also I donít really want my car pc to control my HVAC I would like to buy a digital control panel as you would find in newer cars. If anyone has any ideas please help


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        if you don't want your computer to control your HVAC controls, why are you asking for help here? as far as i know, this is a carPC forum. if you want to put in a digital climate control into your explorer, go to an explorer forum. they would probably be able to help you there.