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My Planned Carputer System

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  • My Planned Carputer System

    EDIT: I got a free laptop with a screen that has lost it's sync, so I think I will use that

    Ok after destroying my last carputer, I've made a parts list of what I would like to hopefully get ($$$ permitting!)
    Shuttle XPC SB61G2
    2.4Ghz P4
    256MB DDR RAM
    150W Opus for the Shuttle.
    7" Xenarc 700TSV
    2.5" 60GB Laptop Hdd
    USB HDTV Tuner

    I'll probably chuck in an 256MB ATi RADEON 9550 so I have dual VGA output (I already have a Lilliput LCD).

    Would this system be able to be powered by the Opus? I have a feeling it will be a bit too much to pull from it. Probably have to reduce the speed of processor to get enough power. Is 2.4Ghz powerful enough to watch a DVD/Divx on one monitor, and still have GPS running on the other?

    edit: Decided to split the thread up hehehe

    Fox Mulder
    2004 Toyota MR2
    Modified Intel Xeon E5450 3Ghz Quad Core 2GB RAM 160GB SSD M4ATX Xenarc 700TSV TS Toslink Audio BU353 DiNovo Mini Car2PC ODBII Bluetooth HF 16x2 Character LCD