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Which Radio will be the best for a car PC?

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  • Which Radio will be the best for a car PC?

    Which Radio will be the best for a car PC. I want one that gets good reception. TY for the help In advance.
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      Search for Hauppauge, DLink, Pinnacle, and Radiator. There are other FM receivers too, but those are the most common ones used, I think.

      I have the Hauppauge WinTV PCI, connected to my stock antenna. The TV reception is actually a little better than I expected, but still not anything you'd really want to try to watch. The radio, however is great. It gets better FM reception than the stock radio did. It was really easy to set up in Road Runner. It sounds like some people don't have good luck with the USB version though.


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        Strgazr are pinnacle cards also supported in road runner?
        or are there other solutions to implement a pinnacle pctv pr into road runner?

        i was not planning to user the tv part of the card afterall its not prohibited by the policie here in the netherlands.
        rule: wile driving there should no device be on that can instantly show movie/tv or other moving pictures.

        ok i can come up with no film but what about people with pocket pc`s they cna run video also :P.
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