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pc boots then no visual?

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  • pc boots then no visual?

    I went to put my pc in the car today and got everything wired up and turned on once it ets to the windows is loading screen the monitor starts saying it is searching for a signal then turns off, I then disconnected the opus and put the regualr power supply on in the house and it does the same thing now, also tried 2 different monitors, any ideas?

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    Try to boot the system in "safe mode". If you get to display your desktop then, it could be that the monitor frequency is set too high.
    That would cause the monitor to turn itself off during the normal startup.
    If in safe mode everything works well, then set the monitor frequency to a lower setting, which is supported by your monitor.

    Hope it helps.
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      it did work in safe mode, thanks I just have to figure out how to lower the frequency it is at 60 no I beleive


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        60 Hz is the lowest you want to go. That's pretty much where you want to stay. Try changing the resolution to 800x600 or 640x480 and the color depth to 256 colors. Also see if there's a newer video driver out for your video adapter.


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          yeah I reinstalled the drivers and it fixed it