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  • How to speed things up

    I have a Via 800 m'board with 512m with XP. I am running RR and have tried Medacar but with each app it seams to be very slow.

    I am thinking that the mboard is just too slow for the application. I have run RR on my Dell laptop (1.4g with 512m with XP) and it runs really well.

    Any suggestions on where to go or what to change too? If I go to another mboard / case etc etc then any ideas on power supply's. Currently I have a Morex 60w 12v regulated psu.

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    its the 800. I have it too and its terrible. The 800mhz intel i'm typing on right now is light years faster than the via 800. You could use that same psu with the m10000 or m12000 i believe. I honestly believe the via 800 runs MAYBE at 400mhz Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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      Well, just bought a m10000 with 512m and will see if thats any better.

      Cant be any worse.


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        You should do better with the M10000. I've run RR on it without trouble. It's no speed demon but it works fine.
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