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  • Hangs at boot up

    Originally posted in Power supplies, probably this would be the better section to post in.

    I'm using a CarNetix P1280 to power a Amptron iCue BKMVP4 Booksize PC. Intermittantly during boot up the PC hangs before POST. The Power On LED remains lit with the fans running and the hard drive activity LED is on for 5-10 seconds and the PC hangs. No POST test and no POST beeps.
    If the system is turned off and booted again it will often start without any problems. I have tried using the mains ATX PSU and Win 98SE (the orginal OS) and suffer the same problems.
    I initally had this problem combined with 5vsb problem but have resolved the 5vsb by connecting a jumper to the CarNetix P1280 PRI-out.

    Any ideas or advice appreciated.
    Vauxhall Astra SXi Car PC installed.

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    Sounds a little odd...

    Might be worth re-seating all your components see if that works. If not take things out one by one and see if it helps. Start with PCI devices if you have any. Then whip your RAM out and see if you get a long beep when you boot


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      It doesn't happen all the time. Someone said to me about checking the CPU is seated properly. I'll check everything whilst I'm at it and post back. Cheers mate.
      Vauxhall Astra SXi Car PC installed.