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Actual power measurements of devices, could be handy.

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  • Actual power measurements of devices, could be handy.

    All readings were done at the 12v input on my M1-ATX.

    1. Logitech Click! Plus optical mouse: 100ma
    2. Mini laptop style usb keyboard: 100ma
    3. Delou usb GPS: 100ma
    4. FlexATX PCC 791g motherboard + Celeron 1400mhz + HSF + Casefan + 512 DDR266 + PCI wifi card: IDLE: 2100ma, CPU LOADED: 2300ma
    5. 3.5" 120 gig Seagate 7200rpm: IDLE: 300ma, LOAD: 500ma, SPINUP: 1100ma

    So this 1.4ghz tualatin system with a 3.5" drive, 512 megs, network, sound, wifi, gps, mouse, keyboard uses 2700ma idle, 3100ma CPU and HDD LOADED, and 3700ma for about a second when it first starts... Average power usage is about 35 watts.

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    Nice findings! 35 Watts is great.

    All of the readings were done on the 12v input, so how did you calculate these? Did you add and remove components and note the current change into the input of the PSU?
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