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    Ok I am currently runing an standard atx mobo (Asus a733x i think) with a AMD1700+ and 512mb of ram and an Opus 150. I have a radeon 9000pro for video and a super 7" lcd for a screen. When I boot the computer will run find up untill windows loads and then the screen displays no signal. If I boot the computer into safe mode the screen works fine. I tried hooking up the computer to a regular monitor witht he same results.

    I have removed the drivers for the ati video card and the vid card and screen seem to work ok untill i reinstall the drivers then reboot. Sometimes it works others it dont. When the screen turns off and a force shut down the computer I get the video display drivers have casue an error and this is the cause of the instability. Anyone else ever had this problem and know of a solution. btw I have tried many different drivers.

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    Sounds liek you're running a resolution and/or refresh rate that your monitor can't handle.
    Are you using VGA out or TV out?
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      vga. The res should not be too much for my desktop monitor. It seems to be just deciding to not to output a signal. Or the drivers are not starting correctly.


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        you could go into safe mode and stop the ati tool from loading at bootup in msconfig in case that is forcing some crazy resolution