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Need Help Choosing True 1-Din Size Carputer

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  • Need Help Choosing True 1-Din Size Carputer


    I`m a 04 Infiniti G35 Coupe Owner, and i want to build a solid carputer system in my car, my goal is to get all the factory GPS features plus the lots of benefits provided by the Car PC such as Divx, MP3, Internet Browsing, Bluetooth Cellphone linkup, plus lots and lots, so finding the good hardware is my problem, i`m new to this thing but i`ve been browsing MP3Car since last year, i`ve downloaded and tested some Frontends, so my problem is the Car PC hardware i know testing such program in my desktop PC will not be exactly same as its on desktop everything will look same except the Performance, so which Hardware should i use ?? , i`m stuck with this point is VIA enough for me ? or should i good with Intel Mobile ?

    One more thing, i was planing on VIA SP1300 as my motherboard but i`m facing one problem, the problem is the only Din size Case in the market is CaseTronic Travler C134, but the depth of this case is 10 Inch !! which is 256 mm, as most of you know god_of_cpu owner made some nice Bolt-ons Kit for G35 Such as a mounting place and a nice worked-out version of Xenarc 7 Inch Touchscreen, i`m really glad to buy his products, many many thanks to him without him G35 Owners without factory Navigation is more more sad, so lets jump into the business, yeah my only problem is the depth as he said in his website the maximum depth is 6.85 Inch or about 7, so Travler C134 Wont fit , i`m searching for another case/system, i saw AutoCAN its so powerful with Play Now BIOS and am sure it will fit because it meets my requirements / my Car`s DIN space, so my question is am i able to do some upgrades on AutoCAN ? what do i know that current AutoCAN is based on VIA EPIA M10000 Mini-ITX Mainboard but with an upgraded BIOS Which is PlayNOW, so can i upgrade this Mainboard to SP13000 ? is it possible ? so i could just flash it with the PlayNow BIOS or its something they modify in the Mainboard itself, thanks in advance