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RAM movement causing problems!! Need Ideas!!!

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  • RAM movement causing problems!! Need Ideas!!!

    Hey guys, it's been a while since I've bene here regularly. Today (this is the kinda thanks I get from my car) my carputer just quit working. It wouldn't boot, cept for one time it did, but then froze.

    So when I got home I opened it up, and started to dink around. After reseating the RAM (first inkling) the PC booted up just fine. Unfortunately it seems that something with the RAM socket has come loose. With almost no force at all, if you push the RAM to one side it will cause the locking up. It's fine pushing it to the other side, but any tiny bit of movement in the one direction will cause the hangups. I've unseated and reseated it a bunch of times now, and it keeps on behaving the same.

    I'm looking for ideas here. I'm assuming it's the slot and not the module itself because it seems like something is loosing the connection. I don't have another module to try it out with tho, so I can't be 100% sure.

    So, what are your ideas to secure the module in place. Or is it time to be looking into a new MoBo. Come on guys, gimme something to be thankful for on this turkey day.

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    Hot glue it? To keep it from moving.


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      Will hot glue hold well enough, and long enough? Or is it a temporary band-aid to hold over until I can get a new MoBo?


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        I'd bet hot glue would hold it fine for a long time.

        Just don't use a ton of it and make sure what you do use doesn't block the electrical connections of the RAM.

        Alos just make sure the glue is shoved into an oddly shaped spot so even if it loses it's stickyness due to heat or cold it will still be jammed in there after it's hardened.
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          yeah dude i hot glued in a pci card before and damn it was in there nice and tight and didnt move. sturdy as all hell. anyway hotglue it if it still keeps giving you problems send it back for a new one.
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