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  • Power problem

    This is screwy. Occasionally when I hit the power button, the system revs up, the lights come on, but nothing else happens. No sound. No picture. Etc...The power light will stay on for ever though unless I turn it off. So it's getting juice.

    I know it's doing at least something because the liliput's 'NO VGA SIGNAL' display blinks off for a few seconds as though it was expecting a picture. Then it comes back on.

    It's not the screen, because the audio doesn't work either.

    No connectors seem loose in the computer. Monitor plugged in tight. Power supply firmly attatched, etc.

    This just really boggles me because it's an intermitant problem. Like today I was using the computer fine. I turned it off to go to lunch, came back outside 10 minutes later and it wouldn't work.

    If it was a blown motherboard or something I'd understand that problem. But I don't think that's what's up because like I said, the problem is intermittent. Blown motehrboards don't just fix themselves.

    I'm really confused. Anyone got any thoughts?
    Here it is! My carputer install! 1997 BMW M3

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    Just a suggestion, this happened to my desktop Shuttle system when I fitted a Radeon 9800AIW. Essentially, the PSU wasn't supplying enough power on the 5V rail which meant then when everything tried to draw on it at boot, the whole thing just kinda... well.... stopped. Just like ur describing. Occasionally it would manage a boot so it had me confused for a fair while. Stuck a bigger PSU in and it was all fine after that. Could be something to look at anyway. Or it could just be somekinda short.

    Sorry I can't help more.

    *edit* Should mention this.... the temporary work around as suggested by ATI when I had this problem was to leave the molex on the Radeon unplugged until the post beep then plug it in - cos there wasn't the almighty inital draw by everything at the same time it actually worked. Was a bit scary tho lmao btw I am NOT taking responsibility if u try something like this!!!

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      also the first thing that came to my mind...power issue.
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        That would be in line with another issue I was having where it would just lose power completely and reboot randomly.

        I said there were no connectors loose in the computer, but that was misleading. I meant right now there weren't, but I have been ahving an issue where the power connector from the PSU to the MB was wiggling loose (presumably due to vibration during driving)

        If that came just a LITTLE loose, where almost all of the connections were being made except on one side.....could that cause this kind of problem?

        Where the MB got power. The fan got power. The HD got power, but a few other things didn't get power.
        Here it is! My carputer install! 1997 BMW M3


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          I've had both the non-start issue as well as the random reboot (random reboot especially when you needed some juice from Processor like GPS calculating route for example), and it was down to power...

          I added a stronger PSU, no problems, underclocked cpu no problems anymore, and finally just changed my carputer for a pentiumM and no more problems so far...:knock-on-wood:

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            The PSU is more than powerful enough. I'm more concerned with that loose connection to the MB. I mean I can fix taht easily, I'd just like to know it's the problem before I think it's fixed adn find out 2 weeks from now that it's not.
            Here it is! My carputer install! 1997 BMW M3


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              Since none of us can see that loose connector then no one will be able to say that is definately the cause. But if i had a slightly loose connector I'd want to fix it regardless of whether it was causing an issue at this time or not cos it might in the future. If u are concerned about it, fix it. At least u can rule that out. No one will be able to give u a definate answer with out gradually ruling out potential issues. Diagnosis isn't always an exact science as I'm sure u know. U need to knock the potentials on the head until u find the definate.

              Could still be the PSU not supplying enough on a certain rail anyway. The overall wattage of my old PSU was supposedly high enough. That ATI dragged a LOT on initial. Since 3 peeps have suggested it could be the issue, unless ur 110% confident its not, then might still be worth looking at.

              All this is only relevent if u haven't sorted this in the last 9 days of course And tbh I hope u have!

              Good luck!

              M10K, Lilli 7", 512MB, 80Gb HD, slim CD-RW/DVD Combi, nLite Win XP, CentraFuse.

              Planned for years, built for ages, tested for a while, almost installed, never gonna be perfect...