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Willl this PC work good??

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  • Willl this PC work good??

    I was recently given a little Compaq "Evo" P4 1.7 Ghz, the power supplies I see seem to be for the Epia boards will this board/CPU pull to much power with it's regular HD and a DVD ROM??

    Also at 1.7ghz and 512 of RAM I assume it will be fast enough for whatever I need right?

    The new guy

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    You'll need atleast an OPUS 150 sfx or even a DSATX 200w.

    Cheapest option, inverter.


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      it has a 175 watt power supply now, it's pretty small too. would the opus have the ability to do the auto shutdown when you turn off the key? Also what are the differences between all of the choices of PS out there besides wattage of course.


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        thats a vuage weustion with an answer too long to type. use search or browse the store and compare different options. OPUS is my favorite.


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          Hey Jon you ever figure this out? I am in the same boat with a Compaq Evo d510s SFF. It is 2.4 gig with a P4 processor. Also has a 175 watt PSU. The Opus is a ATX 20 pin standard plug where all the Compaq PC's have a 14 pin plug. Ashsoft has a diagram but I have 2 colors that he didn't (his was a P3 older mb) and I am leery about trying to make this work....I don't wanna fry that mb. I bought a 120 watt Opus and didn't think about the pinouts matching so I would like to make this work with the smart PSU (Opus).