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Help..IPOD 40G HD connection

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  • Help..IPOD 40G HD connection

    I broke the screen on my 3G 40G IPOD, instead of getting it fix (too much money), I would rather take out the 40G HD (1.8" Toshiba) and use it in my carPC. My question is, how do I connect this HD to my mother board (BioStar). The HD has what seems to be the PCMCIA connections, but I compared the number of pins, it has less pin the the regular PCMCIA port. Is there an adapter to conver the 1.8" HD to be use in a regular mother board (PATA)..Any help will be greatly appreciated

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    I'd recommend just selling it and getting a regular sized (or at least standardized, whether that be CF, 2.5", 3.5" etc) drive..

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      or maybe a picture of the pins and a pin count
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        1.8" hard drive in iPOD or from Toshiba have their own proprietary connector

        this should do it

        this is for the 20 gig model:
        and a review for it:
        I just recieved my i-rocks IR-9100 1.8" enclosure (Black) from I'm using my 20GB drive from my old 4th Gen iPod and it works just fine. My only complaint is that my drive is just a little too thick and the lid bows slightly when I snap it in place. It also comes with a carying case that you can just leave it in so I don't think the lid is going to be a problem.

        I just thought people would like to hear if that enclosure is the right one for iPod drives. It is.


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          Originally posted by Haystack
          or maybe a picture of the pins and a pin count


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            Thank you

            wow, thank you all very much for the helps, the "iPod 1.8 Hard drive to 3.5 IDE Adaptor Adapter" is exactly what I was looking for. Anyone know where I can get a hold of one besides ebay?


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              Isn't it firewire? Why don't you just hook it up as an external hard drive?
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                It is firewire but thats using the ipods [mother?]board. He wants to take it out of the ipod housing and use it in his system, like some of us would use a laptop hdd. Using the firewire connection and setting it as a boot drive is hariy. Easier to get the adapter.