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Looking for RS232-Bluetooth adaptor

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  • Looking for RS232-Bluetooth adaptor

    As the title says Im looking for a RS232-Bluetooth adaptor. Cheapest one possible, alot that I seen cost quite abit and its not worth what Im trying to achieve.

    What I want is to be able to share my garmin GPS16 with the caprPC using serial cable and with a mobile device such as PDA/phone using bluetooth.

    I know GPSGate and a BT dongle can do the sharing but I want it to be standalone so even if the carPC doesnt boot up I can still use the GPS using my phone.

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    jcdillin shared this site in one of his posts and I find it excellent
    Has all sorts of goodies

    What youre looking for is here
    Called the BlueSmirf
    2004 G35 Coupe project


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      Thanks for the link

      Yeah JC have shown that to me before. Its still expensive I though.

      My GPS is not that good anymore to deserve a BT adaptor for that price. I might just get a complete SIRF3 BT GPS for a little bit more.