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My Impreza WRX Carputer Plans

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  • My Impreza WRX Carputer Plans

    OK, I've had the idea to do this for years now, but never the budget... until now that is. Since this is my first post, I decided I'd better post what it is that I'm trying to do. This project is intended to be more of an experiment and proof of concept for me. My carputer will be installed in my Subaru WRX wagon and it has to look stock all the way:

    I've been lurking for a couple of weeks and am very impressed with the amount of good information the community has on these forums. With the information I've found, I've been able to come up with a plan for my carputer. To illustrate it, I whipped up something in Visio:

    So in more detail, here is my equipment list:

    IBM T21 P3-750 Laptop Freebie
    Mobile Laptop DC-DC Power Supply Ebay $25
    Screen: 7" Lilliput VGA Touchsreen Ebay $200
    Mounting Bracket: WRX Bracket for Lilliput $145 (
    GPS: Garmin Etrex Legend Freebie
    Motorola Bluetooth enabled phone
    Infinity reference speakers
    Dlink WiFi card
    CompuStar remote starter/alarm with 2 unused AUX o/p's

    Amplifier: 6ch. Surround Sound
    USB 2.0 CardBus Adapter
    USB Sound card
    XM Satellite Radio Tuner
    TV/FM Tuner (USB)

    I plan on mounting the Laptop under the passenger seat along with it's peripheral devices ie. power supply, USB HUB, soundcard etc. The amp will go under the drivers seat. For the Lilliput, I broke down and bought the kit from mechatroniks since it seemed so perfect. Why reinvent the wheel?

    Nothings installed in the car yet since I'm still rounding up parts and benchtesting. I started experimenting with RoadRunner and although I like it's concept, I think I'll try others before I commit. Who knows, maybe I'll take a crack at designing my own front end . Tonight I'm taking apart my T21 to get at the Power Button. I'd like to interface the power on to an AUX command on my remote starter/alarm. Fire on the PC from inside the house to upload media, turn it off when I'm done.

    Anyways, back to work... I hope to continue posting my progress and sharing anything valuable that might help others.