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Cold Start (PC not booting)

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  • Cold Start (PC not booting)

    Here's one for you, and I think I already know the answer.

    Shuttle XPC setup, AMD, yadda yadda.

    When left in the car for long periods of time in cold temperatures (30ish), the PC won't boot. It won't POST or anything. Her PSU will come online for about 2 seconds,then turn off.

    If I put a space heater blowing indirectly on the motherboard for a few minutes, she'll powerup. I'm thinking, as was another colleague, the temperature sensor is noticing a huge difference of temperature. Some mobo's won't boot if the temperature isn't at an expected value. Also, some BIOS's allow you to disable this feature.

    Well my BIOS won't let me disable the feature.

    Are there any insulatory fixes? I'm not trying to choke the case, but all I can imagine is maybe some styrofoam and soft insulation (essentially what I was going to use in the enclosure anyhow).

    It sucks not having the PC boot in what I would deem to be mildly cool temperatures.

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    I had similar issues with the hard drive not spinning up. Drive around a bit until the car warms up, then try again
    90 300zx twinturbo conversion
    Epia C3, 512 ram, syntax mobo, 80 gig WD, Mediacar, GPS w/Routis, all behind drivers seat, 7in Lcd Lilliput VGA with Touch, wireless adapter for stumbling, Consult ODB1 adapter and data scanner.


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      Tried that.. an hour of driving later, still no dice. The trunk neither gets heat nor cool air from the cabin. It's sealed from the cabin--but it has no insulation from the outside world, so it gets colder (or hotter) quicker than the rest of the car.

      I had to put the heater on it for it to get going again.


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        you could set up a light bulb or heat lamp near the computer, or inside the case.