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1998 Altima Carputer project

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  • 1998 Altima Carputer project

    I'm starting my carputer project very soon. I just received a laptop for christmas and decided to go the laptop route. Also, I plan on installing a ps2 as well. I own a 1998 Nissan Altima. I havn't exactly mapped out how I'm going to power everything, just how to hook up the audio/visual element of the system. I plan on mounting my laptop under my glove compartment or my passenger seat.

    The heart of everything is a RCA switch. It is made for multiple game consoles/dvd players to be hooked up to one tv with one rca input. I lable each button according to whats hooked up to it. It has 5 inputs and one output. The output video will go to a 7" in dash touch screen. The audio outputs will go to 2 RCA Y cables (2 females to 1 male). One RCA Y cable for left and one for right. The reason I have a Y hookup is so I can output to my amp and also to my door/rear speakers via a line level converter. The converter will convert the two wires that lead to my door speakers into RCA.

    From the laptop's headphone jack, I will have a converter to RCA to lead into the switch. Then It will allow me to have full sound on my laptop going into my car (i hope). The VGA will lead to the monitor and video is solved. Same concept for the ps2. Only thing I've got to figure out is the powering of all of this. I will not worry about the tough stuff untill I get everything wired.

    Any input on my method will be greatly appreciated. Every post where someone asks for help usually ends up having a few "go search noob" comments in there. Trust me... I've done my research on most of this. Thanx for any input.

    Links to some of the things mentioned above... - RCA switch - RCA "Y" chords - Line level converter - RCA to headphone jack