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Removeable LCD mount?

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  • Removeable LCD mount?

    Hey All -

    I was wondering if anyone has ever seen any type of system where the LCD 6-7" was removable? I live in Philadelphia and I had a sony mp3 deck torn out of my car last year and if I leave the LCD in the car it will definitely get stolen. I want to build a sweet system but this LCD would bog me down because it would be completely unacceptable to not have it removable.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Searcht eh forums. I remember someone had a 7" Lilliput that was removable. I believe he had to fabricate a bracket, but I really don't remember.
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      you could use a gooseneck mount.....i have one for sale if you would like it....


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        Mine is. (or could easily be with the appropriate screws)
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          Go to They selll multiple models of mounting brackets designed especially for your car model. Easy to install, it give a professionnal look to any installation. I love it!! (I am just a satified customer - no links to the company)

          First, you need to select the vehicule mount specially designed for your car (for my volvo S80, it is this vehicule mount). Then, just select the monitor mount that fits your monitor (I have a xenarc, so for me it is the Monitor Mount for Vertical Slot Attachment). You now have a great professional looking *fixed* mount for your monitor.

          Then you add a move clip to it, and there you go! All you need to do to remove the monitor is to unplug the wires and slip it out.

          I personally put my monitor out of sight in a pocket that is behind the pasenger seat. Just pay attention not to put too much strain on the cables when you plug/unplug them.


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            check out my system....i don't have anything in place yet as far as a quick-release for the wires though. I'd like my mount to be more like a docking station
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              I'm working on it. I used the headrest shroud in my dash, but I've got the same problems with the wires for now...I'm going to be working on putting a 50pin centronix connector on mine when I decide to pull my dash BACK OFF....!