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SlimSlot DVD player problem

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  • SlimSlot DVD player problem

    Ok...i've bought the slim slot drive here on ....

    what i have is the IDE to USB adapter and the adapter also from

    i have my CarPuter setup in the trunk, while my DVD player in the front of the car. I have tested the drive straight from the computer (USB adapter to USB slot and Power from the OPUS 90W.

    With that said, it works WONDER!! CD is read, DVD is played, and CDR is burned.

    now!! i move the DVD player back to the front....the USB is hooked up to a 2.0 USB hub and the Power is Extended from the computer ALL the way to the front using 18 gauge wires. THIS SETUP DOESNT WORK...the Computer recognizes the drive, but when a CD is inserted into the drive, it seems like it is hesitating to load. Sounds like it has no power or something.

    what is going on?

    what i have done to figure out the problem is:

    1) used the power directly from the Computer/Opus with an EXTENDED USB cable (12 ft) no USB hub...and it works FINE
    2) used Long USB cable (12 ft) no USB hub with extended power from Carputer....the drive doesnt work
    3)Plugged drive into USB hub and used extended power....the drive doesnt work

    so, i'd figure it must be the power....but i am not for sure.

    so, my question is, can i use power from my CAR? like a 12v somewhere?

    i need help cuz i want my DVD drive to work already

    i hope this will help others out there tooo

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    i kinda get your point but im too lazy to reread it lol. if you wanna turn your cars 13.8v into 5v look into the opus POL in the store.
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      Check the voltage at the end of the cable. Make sure you are still getting 5v.
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