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Avx-p8dvd Brake bypass?

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  • Avx-p8dvd Brake bypass?

    How do I bypass the Parking break so that I can watch movies while I am driving? I know its illegal but oh well.. All there is is a wire that that comes off the wireing harness on the Avx-p8dvd that says to clip it to the power supply side of the parking brake switch..

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    One issue that we have is the legal issues associated with high-end electronics (like a computer) in our rides.
    Giveing you instructions on how to bypass a safety function of your unit that was put there to be in compliance witht he law kinda defeats our efforts.

    That parking brake connection is there for a reason: So you don't watch DVDs on your in-dash screen while rolling down the road. I don't want you watching DVDs while rolling down the road, at least while I'm sharing the road with you.

    Can it be done? I'm sure it can.
    Do I know how to do it? No, because I've never looked into it because I wouldn't attempt to bypass it.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      either hook it up to your parking brake and pull the lever one click, or just ground the wire.
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        It is there for safety purpose.
        If you know how the unit works and connect, you can do it.
        Do I know how to defeat it? Yes.
        Am I going to show you how to do it? ******* NO. I don't want to show you how to bypass it and someday you rear end my *** while watching movie.
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