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Western Digital 40 gig wd400 shake/jolt problems

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  • Western Digital 40 gig wd400 shake/jolt problems

    Ok, first off.. the problem is definately due to the hard drive as I've done tons of testing to prove it.

    now for the problem...

    The Wd400 Western Digital (internal) hard drive which happens to be strapped in a custom cut metal hard drive encasement (from a typical atx case) then strapped into my custom wood case has problems with reading and probably writing as well when I give the box even the slightest bump. There was a powerfun blower fan that caused the case to vibrate so I elminated it and tested the hard drive without. STILL, windows hangs and sometimes crashes to a blue screen when I give the case a slight bump. It's obviously the hard drive because when I bump the case I can hear the hard drive making some type of click noise. I had a feeling it was some type of protection built into the hard drive that detects jolts and ceases all reading/writing but decided that's a little farfetched.

    So if anyone has any input, go ahead..

    If not, I personally do not reccomend using a WD400 IDE in your car pc as it seems to be extremely sensitive to even the slightest jolt or shake. Maybe it's just this hard drive, but I don't know.

    Thanks in advance

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    i should mention that when I just took it out I noticed it sounded like something was moving around inside. OBVIOUSLY not a good thing. I hope the problems were directly related to this because it was WAY too sensitive


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      With your IDE desktop pc IDE hard drives, can you hit potholes or bumps and still maintain read or write?


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        If there's something rattling around in your HDD, that's definitely bad.
        I'd replace it stat.

        How is the HDD strapped in the enclosure? A better description and/or pics would be helpful.
        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
        How about the Wiki?

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          You must have bought one with a gremlin inside it.

          You shouldn't be having this problem. At least not to this degree. I had a WD 3.5 in my original setup and it didnt' skip.

          The only other explanation I can think of besides a general hardware problem is intermittent power.
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            Switched to a 5200 20gig andit worksjustfine. Most Definately that drive