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  • Motherboard Problem

    I recently purchased a Cappuccino GX-1 Carputer and it works pretty good as long it's powered up. Sometimes I have to wait for 3-5 minutes until it powers up or it doesn't power up at all. I think it's the power management system on the motherboard that is not working properly. Has someone an idea what to do, where I can buy a new motherboard for the GX-1, or what other types are compatible??
    By the way, has someone had the same problem too??


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    Are you using the motherboard in your car or at home?
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      I'm using the motherboard in the car with a Carnetix P1900 PSU (with ACPI). But the problem occurs also when I try it at home with the original power supply. I don't think that the operation in the car might influence or make the problem to occur, because I had the problem before I put the Carputer in the car or connected it to the PSU.