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5 minutes to complete hibernation? WTF?

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  • 5 minutes to complete hibernation? WTF?

    I've tried searching, but all of the posts that are remotely related to my problem mention very long resume times from hibernation. My problem is the opposite; resume times are good, but hibernation times are horrible.

    All of this started when the cold weather set in. I thought that it may have been a program or USB device that was acting up and after much troubleshooting, I just decided to format and reinstall. So I take the PC out of the car and take it indoors. After formatting and reinstalling Windows, hibernation times(indooors) are instantaneous. Resume times are not that much faster, but I won't complain because 15 seconds is bearable for me.

    After installing each program, hack and piece of hardware, I test the hibernation time and, again, these are not affected by the new addition.

    Finally, after I am done installing everything, I find that the hibernation times are still very, very fast and proceed to move the PC back into the car. Testing out the hibernation, I notice that it slowed down maybe a second or two; nothing to really worry about. The following day, I test it out again and, AGAIN, going into hibernation takes something like 5 minutes.

    If I disable hibernation, restart, enable hibernation again and try putting it into hibernation, it does it very quickly. On the following hibernation process, it slows down again.

    Temperatures have not been extreme here, averaging mid-40s, so I don't really know what I should be checking for. Anybody have any tips?

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    So, temps have risen considerably and the carpc is working without a hiccup.

    No problems resuming from hibernation and entering hibernation takes less than five seconds. I'm still unsure of what the exact problem is, but now that I'm positive that it is weather-related, I have plenty of time to come up with a workaround.