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Windows freezing on resume from hibernate?

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  • Windows freezing on resume from hibernate?

    Hey, so I have:
    Epia M1000 - Opus 90w - Lilliput Touchscreen - Windows XP Pro w/SP2 - 512m RAM - wd 80g 7200 hd - a bluetooth dongle, bu 303, and d-link wireless dongle.

    When I attempt to resume from hibernation, it boots up normally, gets to the resume black screen, and the bars at the bottom all fill up, then when they get to the end it just sits there. I'm not sure if it's doing anything or what, but I've waited 10 minutes before, and it won't finish the boot-up. If I don't have anything open prior to going into hibernation, sometimes it will boot up ok. If I have RR/winamp/skinbedder open, it always does this. Did I set something wrong? How can I fix this?

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    Is the HDD a 3.5" drive? If so, it might be too much draw on the 12v rail for the Opus 90w to handle.
    You can test this by taking the setup out of the car and plugging it into a regular ATX power supply and see if it resumes properly. If it does, then you've got a power issue.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      I actually originally noticed the issue while it was plugged into regular atx psu